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In Accountability

Community youth parliament

In line with RDP-Uganda strategic priority area one and Action Aid strategic priority area 3, the activity will enhance the notion of youth  inclusion and strengthening participation in governance processes to influence decisions  as well as strengthen their action for deepening democracy through meaningful deliberations and holding duty bearers accountable. This will be held in Pakanyi Sub County as a way of creating a safe space for young people as well as an opportunity for young people to openly voice their concerns and brainstorm solutions. It is also an opportunity for young people to come together, interact meaningfully, learn from each other and possibly form synergies to work together on solving the issues they have in common. The youth parliament is meant to provide a platform for young people to deliberate issues concerning them and get responses from the duty bearers present. It is also meant build the confidence and capacity of young people in line with deliberating maturely and presenting issues from an informed point of view.