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Moot court session

This is intended to increase community awareness on the legal procedures of the court processes and build their capacity to ably express themselves in courts in case need arises. This intervention is justified by the high rate of ignorance of the procedures and the basic knowledge of these procedures which causes many victims to lose

Community youth parliament

In line with RDP-Uganda strategic priority area one and Action Aid strategic priority area 3, the activity will enhance the notion of youth  inclusion and strengthening participation in governance processes to influence decisions  as well as strengthen their action for deepening democracy through meaningful deliberations and holding duty bearers accountable. This will be held in

Commemoration of International anti-corruption day

The commemoration day is meant to reflect on the efforts towards combating corruption as well as discuss new strategies and best practices moving forward but also to celebrate individuals and group of people who have thus far demonstrated commitment towards fighting corruption. This day will also be platform for the community, stake holders and the

Forum Theater performances

RDP-Uganda champions forum theatre as one of the most reliable mean of creating awareness in the community. These performances will be undertaken by experienced youth drama groups to create awareness and sensitize the community on 5he dangers of Gender based violence and its impact in community development. The plays will focus on portraying the adversity