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Kigumba Super Actors

Kigumba Super actors was founded in 1998 from Kigumba subcounty with an aim of identifying and setting viable development projects to fight poverty. It has since evolved to a lead community based organization in the field of building active, conscious civil society on the value of democracy. The Group’s activities include, Music Dance and Drama, farming, ball production.

Kigumba Super actors boasts of 2 heifers and 5 acres of eucalyptus trees and a maize mill which earned them 1,000,000/= last season.


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Barodilo Youth small scale farmers

Located in Chegere sub-county, Apac district, Barodilo Youth small scale farmers group was formed in 2012, with the following objectives;

To be a leading vegetable growers in the region

To conserve the environment through tree planting.

To practice household savings, VLSA.

To participate in income generating activities and

To support each other during good times and bad times.

The group operates a Village Savings and Loans Association and have invested in agro forestry. They also do small scale farming where they recently earned 800,000/= from a quarter and acre and about 2millions from cabbage production.

Butiaba Red scorpion

This is a group found in Buliisa District, the group does a lot of activities like football, drama and community empowerment.

This group partnered with LACWADO to carry out drama performances, in Buliisa District, it trained other group members in forum theatre in Apac and Kwania District, the group developed the drama script for groups, held groups meeting, carried out monitoring of government programmes in service delivery, a case in point there was a market that was going to be shifted from Butyaba to another location, Red scorpion intervened and advocated and the market was not shifted, came for AGM at RDP Uganda; Played very many leagues that includes regional league were they Red scorpion emerged the best, played friendly match, the team played Uganda Cup and they were the champions of Bunyoro region

Kigumba youth alive

This is a group that started in 1998 in Kigumba Sub County with aim of mobilizing and organizing the youths to take part in the development programmes and fight against impunity. The group is registered as a CBO In Kiryandongo District

In the year 2018, KYAC carries maize farming in five acres of land, harvested 30 bags, earned 1.5m, this helped the group members to support their families and pay school fees. They also planted trees from the tree seedling beds they have, they managed to plant 3 acres and sold the rest and earned 500,000/=. The groups volley ball club has been involved in friendly matches like with Masindi Volley club, Kigumba cooperative collage and Gulu volleyball. The group also made 10,000/= bricks and sold them, this money helped the individual members to support their families

Par Anyim

The group was formed in 2011, with the objectives of; To bring youth together in order to benefit from government programs, To promote peace and unity among the youth who are un employed to improve the slandered of living among the youth, Uniting un employed youth with employed youth in order to create among and good relationship among the youth and to help them to sustain standard of living via projects and income generating activities

In the year 2018, the group carried out activities, the group saved a tune of 2.750.000/= the members were paying 5% interest on the loans taken, from the saved money the group shared 2millions and carried out forward 700,000/=

Four members from the group formed a SACCO with contribution of 1.5 m each, this activity is in Kole District and employing 3 staffs, the group gives out short term loans to people within the radius of 3 miles from the office in Kole and give loans to hawkers, teachers and business persons up to 1.5m. The group has pledged from the MP Maruzi county who needs to support them

The group also carried out Forum Theater in partnership with TAAC.  The group also carries out agriculture and the group uses its four oxen and earned up to 700.000.

Atong tidi Youth AIDS Association

This group was formed in year 2000, the groups objectives are; To bring all the youth together in order to promote unity between young people, To create activity among youth to avoid selfishness, To bring the school drop out together

In the year 2018, the group conducted the following activities, savings which was done on every Sunday, with savings from 1.000/= to 5.000/=. The group saved 600.000/=, this money helped the group members in paying school fees, buying goats and enjoying Christmas

The group also have forum theater Drama performances which was carried out in the community on various themes for community empowerment

Bedigen Youth group

This group was formed in 2012, the group has the following objectives, To be a leading vegetable growers in the region; To conserve the environment through tree planting; To practice household savings, VLSA; To participate in income generating activities; To support each other during good times and bad times

This group from the savings activities they had in 2018, they saved 7,870,000/= which was being saved on every Monday buy 30 people, the group saves 5000/= a week, welfares fee of 500/= per savings and orphans 200/= per week. Last year they gave out a lot of items to the orphans and these included Books, Pens, Clothes and other scholastic materials. The group has 4 oxen and 2 ox plough

Apac District Local Government gave them 10 bulls and ox ploughs, the group does farming in maize and from the group has 5 acres they got 32 sacks, 20 sacks of g/nuts. The MP Maxwell Akora gave them 30 hand hoes and 10 ox ploughs. Adong Asante gave 200,000/= and promised to support the group

Alpha Youth Drama Group 

This group was formed in 1999, the objectives are to; To create socialization amongst members within and outside our community; To create awareness within the community youth to participate in leadership, governance and development processes; To enable the group members change their livelihood

In the year 2018, the group carried out the following activities; the group carries out savings and credit, were they saved 5000 with a welfare of 200 per savings, in 2018 the group saved a tune of 2.800.000/=, from the savings they bought seeds for planting, supported children at school. The group also carries out agriculture especially soya beans and maize

Pakanyi Active Youths

Pakanyi Active Youths carries out farming specifically, cabbages- in the five acres planted last year earned got about 7 millions, tomatoes 1 acre they got 3 millions, maize and cassava, the group also have 12 pigs

The group also carries out training of community members in VSLA, group dynamics, Human right. The group also does agro forestry especially in Coffee trees in about 3 acres of land, banana, Maize, Oranges and grafted mangoes