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Our member Organizations

RDP Uganda is a development organization that promotes member benefits, development and a social economy. Our members and their experiences form the basis of our legitimacy. Through our reputation as a competent organization, we create added value for our owners. RDP Uganda`s Board of Directors consists of representatives from our member groups. The Board of Directors is elected at the Annual General Meeting held annually.

How to Join RDP-Uganda Membership

We welcome new organisations to join our membership. It is on voluntary basis. Individuals who wish to become members submit a duly filled out Membership Application Form together with following attachments:

Requirements for Membership

  1. A group shall have minimum of 20 (twenty) members.
  2. A group shall have a constitution/ by laws in line with RDP’s aim and objectives.
  3. Duly filled group membership application form submitted to RDP Uganda.
  4. Payment of Membership and annual subscription fee as shall be decided by the Board of Directors.

Application for Membership

  1. To obtain membership of RDP Uganda, one should apply by filling a form supplied by the secretariat and return it to RDP Uganda
  2. RDP Uganda will require recommendation from local Council 1 level in case of a village group
  3. The RDP Uganda secretariat shall process the application, forward it to the Board for approval and communicate to the applicants the decision of the Board
  4. Members will be issued with a receipt for the membership and subscription fees paid

Member Obligations, Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Members should participate and monitor the success of RDP -uganda’s programmes.
  2. Members should regularly report on their work on the secretariat so as it can be Shared with other members, the wider civil society and other stake holders through a consolidated RDP Uganda annual report.
  3. Members should be proactive and prompt the organization on important issues it needs to engage with
  4. Members should continuously update RDP Uganda in changes in the organization management and addresses.
  5. Actively participate in RDP Uganda activities, including being responsive to online discussions and inquiries
  6. A member on admission to the organization shall sign a form agreeing to abide by the network`s constitution and core values, and also receive and sign the RDP Uganda membership charter.
  7. Be liable to paying a membership and annual subscription fees of such amount and in such manner as shall be prescribed by the board,
  8. Each and every RDP Uganda member shall have the right to participate in RDP Uganda `s activities subject to any limitations that may arise from time to time.
  9. Have a right to participate in elections of the board of the organization and to stand to be elected subject to limitations stipulated in the networks constitution.
  10. Actively contribute to the realizations of the aims and objectives of the organization
  11. Each and every RDP Uganda member shall be obliged to abide by the network`s constitution and all or any policies made there under and to perform all such duties as may from time to time be required of such member of the board.
  12. Take leadership role on any specific activities to implement the RDP Uganda.