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About Us

RDP Uganda is a Youth focused Non-Governmental Organization that seeks the holistic empowerment and development of young people living in poverty so that they have more influence in decision making processes at various levels in Uganda.

More than a decade later, Youth empowerment remains the core of RDP Uganda`s strategic focus and programming

RDP Uganda primarily collaborates mainly with state and non-state actors, private sector, member-based groups and organizations consisting of young women and men who live in poverty and together fight for their rights and social justice

RDP Uganda envisions A Just and Equitable Ugandan Society in which young people count and live a full and dignified life

RDP Uganda`s Mission is To proactively facilitate a participatory process and platform for young people to assert their role and visibility in governance, policy making/influence and development process through structured and constructive dialogue and engagement, policy advocacy and lobby.

  • Equity and Equality
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Action Learning and Reflection
  • Belief in Young People`s Potential