About Us

Our wide strategy focuses on empowering the youth to proactively work together

RDP-Uganda is a youth focused governance and policy advocacy and Non-Governmental organization that started work in 1999 as a sports organization with funding from the Danish sports Association (DGI).
RDP-Uganda was formerly registered as an NGO in 2005 when it undertook its first governance work in her area of operation. Today RDP-Uganda is a majorly Youth Advocacy focused organization that works to enhance youth voices and participation in governance, policy and development process.

RDP –Uganda’s wide strategy focuses on empowering the youth to proactively work together and contribute towards good governance decision making and national development through enhancing effective youth participation, meaningful and constructive dialogue in northern, Mid- Western and central parts of Uganda.

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Our Mission

RDP Uganda`s Mission is To proactively facilitate a participatory process and platform for young people to assert their role and visibility in governance, policy making/influence and development process through structured and constructive dialogue and engagement, policy advocacy and lobby.

Priority Areas


Youth Leadership, Inclusion & Democracy

The thrust of this strategy is to make Youth count in decision making and governance processes as a key driver for their transformation.

Arising out of more than a decade of youth development work, we have lear that Youth value spaces and opportunities for participation and inclusion in decision making.


Youth Livelihoods & Economic Empowerment

Youth livelihoods and economic empowerment are critical aspects for the enjoyment of social, economic rights and well being.

The population of the youth in Uganda is 7,242,000 of which 3,690,000 (51%) are female and 3,550,000 (49%) are male. The youth and children in Uganda represent 78% of the population and majority are unemployed despite the high literacy levels.


Youth Environment & the Extractive Sector

The extractive industries sector especially in the area of Oil and Gas is an emerging one with Millions of barrels expected by 2020. Investments in this sector are expected to be in the range of $ 25 Billion over the years through projects like the oil pipeline,

The Hoima International Airport and other upstream and down stream activities.


Rights Governance & Social Accountability.

An active and conscious citizenship is critical for ensuring rights, social justice as well as social accountability. Uganda faces several governance challenges ranging from corruption, abuse of citizens’ rights among others.

This strand of RDP Uganda`s work will seek to build civic competence, strengthen citizen agency and build active and conscious citizen movements.

Our Vision

RDP Uganda envisions A Just and Equitable Ugandan Society in which young people count and live a full and dignified life

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