Youth Leadership, Inclusion & Democracy

The thrust of this strategy is to make Youth count in decision making and governance processes as a key driver for their transformation. Arising out of more than a decade of youth development work, we have lear that Youth value spaces and opportunities for participation and inclusion in decision making. They do not want to be passive recipients of goods and services. Nothing for and about us without us. This calls for the active participation and involvement of youth in decisions on matters that affect them. Youth led and owned development shall be at the core of RDP Uganda`s work. This is also a priority issue in the National Youth Manifesto 2016-2021 but also a key aspect of democratic governance. Current mechanisms of participation are too limited, adhoc and some times not very convenient for the youth. This is also attributed to the limited access to accurate and timely information that should facilitate meaningful and informed participation of the youth. This strand of RDP Uganda will also focus on developing leaders at various levels. RDP will provide the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to nurture leaders for the present and the future generation. RDP will build on its previous experience and strengthen its Youth leadership Academy as a center of excellence for young leaders. In the same spirit we shall build on our existing Activista network to strengthen the organization of youth and youth movements across our geographical areas of operation. Our programming will strengthen active youth citizenship and Promote civic consciousness. Female youth shall not be excluded because of their reproductive status and situation. RDP Uganda shall design innovative interventions as well as lead advocacy to ensure girls reproductive health situations are not a hindrance to their participation and progress. RDP Uganda will engage on issues of Menstrual health management and lobby for appropriate policies and financing. A critical part of our programming will focus on marginalized groups, excluded and special interest groups specifically the Youth with Disabilities segment. We will advance their issues and causes in our engagements as citizens with unique needs and rights.